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I think this could easily be one of the hidden gems in the Passive Income industry, so definitely check this one out!!  It’s WORLDWIDE so anyone is welcome!  No worries if you are outside of the US with this one.

There are a lot of things to go over with this program, so please give me a couple minutes to explain how this all works.  You might "think" you know what this is all about, but I’ve never seen this type of system before, so I’m betting you haven’t either.  Please just read ALL THE WAY THROUGH, as I’m sure you will be glad you did.

How does getting a $100 Walmart gift card for $.04 sound?

If you could buy a new Kindle for $.89, would you?

Would you buy a new iPod Nano for $10.34?

How many new iPads would you like to buy for $7.05?

I paid over $300 for my Blackberry Storm phone a couple months ago…someone bought my exact phone for ONLY $.79 through these guys!!!

There are some absolutely incredible deals available through this company!!  You will literally be paying pennies on the dollar for brand new, name brand products and gift cards.  From electronics to gift cards to furniture to jewelry…there are all kinds of items to choose from.

No junk products either!!  I’m talking about products like an ipad4, lap top computers, $250 Best Buy gift cards, ipods, video games, you name it.

The company is partnered with a multi-billion dollar fulfillment house and every auctioned item rewarded is professionally picked, packaged, processed, and drop shipped directly to the consumer within days of the auction’s conclusion.

And what if you could earn up to 125% on every dollar you spend all while taking advantage of all of these great deals??

Here is some background info on the company:

Some of you may recall a 10 year old company that was tremendously popular and hit it’s stride in 2006 called Free Store Club.  That particular venture grew from zero to one million reps in approximately 12 months!  FSC was innovative and hugely successful.

This is a PRODUCT driven company with a DAILY REVENUE SHARE attached to it.

Fact:  Free Store Club is still going strong and is actually still located in the same office building located in Lexington, NC.  FSC today has many of the same employees who originally started working with the company nine and ten years ago.

This company and its principals have proven that they are here for the long term. They have also proven to be innovative and continue to evolve ahead of the industry curve.

In March of 2010, the owner, Paul Burks, launched a RETAIL Penny Auction Site called Zeekler.  If you are not familiar with the penny auction industry, then you may want to do some research.  Online Penny Auctions are HUGE and very profitable.

A reasonable example of what customers can take advantage of through Penny Auctions is this….bidders can win a $450 iPad for less than $20 or a $400 Target or Walmart Card for $30 on Zeekler!  There is a constant stream of exciting and valuable products to bid on and win.

With each auction item, the company realizes hundreds to thousands of dollars of pure profit on each item it offers.  An example of auction profits is explained further below.

After a year and a half of Research & Development, a new business model has been developed.  Paul Burks, the owner of Zeekler Penny Auctions & the super successful Free Store Club, recently introduced this mind blowing new daily compounding platform to a few networking industry leaders.

The reception from these leaders and the subsequent results are nothing short of incredible.  Paul has successfully incorporated this radical new daily compounded / rev share component into their already successful wholesale business and retail penny auction platform.

This new component provides revenue/profit sharing, massive residual income and a platform whereby purchased bids can be compounded at at rate of 125% of the original value and ultimately the purchased bids are converted into cash.  The daily compounder is currently averaging around 1% – 2% per day in Cold Hard CASH.

LET ME REPEAT THAT:  This program will pay you up to 2% per day on your money until you receive 125% back!

It compounds daily (you set the amount to repurchase from 0%-100%).  As long as you place your ad daily and report it (more on this further down), you get paid part of the profit share daily.  This is similar to the HYIP profit share programs, EXCEPT IT IS BASED ON REAL BUSINESS and won’t disappear like the others.

This is a brilliant idea!!  There is no funny business about what the "product" actually is, and this is NOT an HYIP disguised as "advertising."

This is exactly what the passive industry has been waiting for…a daily revenue share from a product driven program!

The auctions and the rebates are just two of the exciting opportunities available to you right now with this program!  There are other ways to earn as well and all of them are 100% PASSIVE to you as a member.  There is NO RECRUITING REQUIRED with this one to earn money!

So let’s check this out in detail.  There are several benefits with this program, but the first one I want to talk about are the Penny Auctions.

When you participate in their auctions you get two benefits:

You get to purchase bids that can be used to bid on brand name items that you can win for 90-99% off retail through their auction.

If you help the company get more visitors to their website by placing one ad per day (more on this later), they will share their profits with you until you receive a 125% rebate on what you spent on bids.

The company has access to tons of name brand merchandise that they put up for auction on their site.  When the auction starts, the item up for bid starts at $.00.   If you want to purchase that item, you need to place a bid.  To place a bid, it will cost YOU $1.00.  Once you place your bid, the auction price increase by $.01, and a countdown starts counting down from 20 secs to 0.

If the countdown goes all the way down to 0, you win the item at that price.  If someone else is trying to buy the item as well, when they place a bid, the price goes up by $.01 and the countdown starts over again.  This process happens over and over again until the countdown goes all the way to 0.  Once it reaches 0, the last person to place a bid wins the item for whatever ends up being the final price.

This is exactly how someone only paid $.04 for a $100 Walmart gift card!  You can snag some killer deals if you participate in an auction that not many people are interested in or haven’t noticed.

So my big question, and I’m sure many of you are thinking the same thing….how can this company afford to let someone buy a $100 Walmart gift card for $.04?

How do they make any money?

Granted, getting a $100 Walmart gift card for $.04 is not very likely as this rarely happens, but getting one for less than $10 happens all the time.  I think you would more than agree that getting a $100 gift card for $10 is an awesome deal and one you would buy over and over again if given the opportunity.

FYI, there are two types of bids…if you buy your bids through Zeek Rewards, they cost $1 each.  If you buy them directly through the auction site (Zeekler), they only cost $.60 each.  The HUGE difference though is that ONLY bids purchased through Zeek Rewards will be eligible for the daily revenue share.  My example below is based on bids from Zeek Rewards as that is what all of you should be interested in as well.

So here is how this works.  Every time someone places a bid on an auction, this is going to cost that person $1.00.  Every time someone places a bid on an item, the price increases by $.01.  So for example, let’s say a $100 Walmart gift card ends up selling for $10.  That’s an awesome deal for the customer, but it’s an even better deal for the company.  Huh?  How is that possible?

For an item to get up to $10, that means there were 1000 bids placed.  Every bid costs $1.00 to the person placing the bid, and each bid increases the price of the item by $.01.  Starting at $.01 and increasing by $.01 all the way to $10 would take 1000 bids.

So this is what is really exciting about this company and how they have a lot of profits to share with all of us….those 1000 bids made the company $1000!!!  You think they would be more than happy to sell someone a $100 Walmart gift card for $10???  Heck yeah they would!

It’s a WIN-WIN…the customer gets a great deal and the company makes a HUGE profit!  This is happening over and over again!

So let’s talk about how you can start placing bids and how you can start to earn 125% for every dollar that you spend.  To place a bid, you must first buy some bids.  For this example, let’s say you signed up and want to buy $100 worth of bids.  $100 will buy you 100 bids.

When you buy bids, two things happen:

Whatever amount you spend is put into your Compounder where it will start to earn up to 2% a day until you receive a 125% rebate on that spend.  You can cash out your rebate DAILY or use those funds to purchase more bids and begin to compound your funds.  You can set it to 100% – 0% compounding…you are in complete control.

Your Bid account will be funded with the amount of your spend.

As you place bids, ONLY your bid account will begin to decrease.  Any bids you place on an auction WILL NOT effect your Compounder account at all.  Your Compounder account balance will always remain the same amount as the original spend.  You can always buy more bids, but the amount of the spend is what will eventually earn you 125%.

So if you buy $100 worth of bids, you will earn up to 2% per day on that $100 until you receive $125 back from the daily revenue share.  And you can also place up to 100 bids in the auctions until you run out of bids.  Placing bids does NOT affect your compounding account at all.  The compounding account and bid accounts are completely separate.

You now know how to get killer deals (pennies on the dollar) for name brand merchandise and gift cards, and how you will earn up to 125% on every dollar that you spend on bids to use in the auctions.  But there is another way to earn income as well.

The company also offers you an incredible 2 x 5 Forced Matrix for it’s Premium members that will completely blow your mind!  For the recruiters out there, you will love this!!  Here is what you can earn on every paid subscriber in your matrix…month after month!

$3.50 per Diamond

$1.50 per Gold

$0.25 per Silver

It’s a comp plan powered by rocket fuel and the sky is the limit!

Before I talk about the membership levels below, I wanted to talk about credits.  When you sign up, whether it is for free or a paid membership, you will be given a certain amount of free credits.  Here is the break down:

Membership Level         Free Credits

Free                               100

Silver                              110

Gold                                150

Diamond                          200

A credit is NOT a bid.  Credits can compound daily, just like any money you spend on bids, and will fully mature when they have grown by 125%.

The credits will compound daily if you place your one ad daily for the company which will be explained in detail further below.  When they fully mature at 125%, the company will move a portion of those credits over to your compounder account as cash IF you are a paid member.

100 credits will mature at 225….$125 would be moved to your compounder account

110 credits will mature at 247.50…$137.50 would be moved to your compounder account

150 credits will mature at 337.50…$187.50 would be moved to your compounder account

200 credits will mature at 450…$250 would be moved to your compounder account

Once your credits mature, the company will take back what they originally gave you when you signed up, and then move the remainder as CASH to your compounder account.

In order to receive cash from your credits, you MUST UPGRADE TO A PAID MEMBERSHIP…Silver at a minimum.  If you never upgrade, your credits are worthless to you.

These credits can turn into cash, but the HUGE thing to realize here is that those credits will NOT be moved into your account as cash UNLESS YOU ARE A PAID MEMBER!

You really need to upgrade to a Silver membership, at a minimum, or this program has no value for you.  If you never upgrade to a paid membership, you will:

NEVER get paid on any referrals you bring into the program

NEVER get paid any daily revenue share on any bids you purchase

NEVER get paid on any credits that mature

NEVER get paid on anyone who falls beneath you in the matrix

I would say that if you ARE NOT willing to UPGRADE and NOT willing to BUY SOME BIDS, then please just pass on this and look for something else.

To me, the big benefits of this program are getting access to name brand merchandise for cheap and getting paid up to 125% on every dollar you spend on bids.  To earn the 125% on bid purchases though, you MUST upgrade to a paid membership

There Are 4 Membership Levels To Choose From:

(IMPORTANT NOTE:  Your membership does NOT buy you any bids/credits.  It is just a monthly fee for the membership you choose to get started with)

1.  Free Member

You can sign up for free, BUT you will NOT earn on any bids you purchase or be able to receive cash from your credits or receive any commissions from referrals or earn matrix commissions UNTIL you upgrade to a PAID MEMBERSHIP.

As a Free member, you can compound your credits by placing ads daily until they fully mature at 225%.  At that time, the $125 can go to the compounder, but Free members do NOT have a compounder!  You will need to upgrade to earn on those compounding bids.

As a Free member, you can buy bids BUT you will not be able to earn the daily rebate on them until you upgrade to a paid membership.  You need to be a paid member to be able to receive the daily revenue share….this seems perfectly reasonable to me.

As a Free member, you can earn the 225% on the credits, and that 225 credits could be worth $125 cash, but nothing will happen with that $125 you have just earned unless you upgrade.

You can join for free and earn $125 for free by placing ads daily, but to do anything with it, you will eventually need to upgrade, at least, to Silver.

Your enrollment also places you in a 2 x 5 "forced matrix" as part of your sponsor’s group.

As you and the member’s upline from you invite others and then they invite others, you begin building a group of members in your own 2 x 5 "forced matrix". Should you later decide to upgrade from Free Member status, you will already have these members in your downline!  Members that spill under you because they were invited by your upline count for you the same as if you invited them.

You will NOT earn any income from the matrix until you upgrade to one of the Premium memberships below though.

2.  Silver Member

Silver Members pay just $10.00 per month for their subscription. As a Silver Member you earn even more from the retail sales in your store. The most exciting benefit to being a Silver Member, however, is that you will earn $0.25 from each Silver, Gold and Diamond Membership subscription in your downline in the 2 x 5 forced matrix. This pay structure can hold more than FOUR MILLION members!  The more people you invite to ZeekRewards the more money you can earn as they upgrade!

Silver members also earn 5% commission on all purchases of people they personally sponsor and 2 1/2% commission on their second-level members!

Here’s a word of advice: Members in your 2 x 5 forced matrix who upgrade before you do will not create commissions for you. The sooner you upgrade the less the chance of missing out on potential earnings!

3.  Gold Member

Gold Members pay only $50.00 per month for their subscription. As a Gold Member   you earn $0.35 on each Silver Member monthly subscription and $1.00 on each Gold and Diamond Member MONTHLY subscription in your downline in the 2 x 5 forced matrix.

Gold members also earn 7% commission on all purchases of people they personally sponsor and 3 1/2% commission on their second-level members!

4.  Diamond Members

Diamond Members pay just $99.00 per month for their subscriptions. As a Diamond Member you earn $0.40 on each Silver subscription, $1.50 on each Gold subscription, and $3.50 on each Diamond subscription in your downline in the 2 x 5 forced matrix.

Diamond members also earn 10% commission on all purchases of people they personally sponsor and 5% commission on their second-level members!

The Most Prestigious Level of All is Diamond!

As a Diamond Distributor you get ALL of the benefits of the other levels. But that’s not all!  Every time someone pays for a Gold or Diamond subscription, $1.00 is added to a special Diamond Bonus pool and each month this pool is paid in shares to the Diamond Distributors. You earn shares in the pool by personally sponsoring upgraded members and distributors according to the formula shown below.

Personally Sponsored Level       Shares Earned

Silver Member                                1

Gold Member                                  5

Diamond Member                           10

Diamond is definitely the way to go if you plan on referring others, and for passive members, you can always upgrade to a higher membership down the road as your downline in the matrix grows.

AGAIN, I would recommend coming in at the Silver level, and buy $10 worth of bids if you can.  If you can’t do that, you can sign up for free, but you would need to follow my plan HERE.

IMPORTANT:  no matter what level you decide to upgrade to, you still need to BUY BIDS to earn with the daily revenue share.  Upgrading your membership does NOT include any bids.  You sill need to buy some bids to start earning 125% back on your money.

About the 2 x 5 Forced Matrix:

All subscribers, free and paid, are placed in a 2 x 5 "forced matrix" pay structure when they initially subscribe.

2 x 5 means that each member has two positions directly connected to him or her, one to the left and one to the right. Each of these positions, likewise has two connecting positions, and so forth.

There are 5 rows, or LEVELS. This means that numerically each row or level has twice as many positions as the row above. It’s called a "forced" matrix because each position only has two direct downline positions, and additional invitees are "forced" below existing positions.

For example, if you sponsor Joe and Mary then Joe would be placed in your first position (your left downline position) and Mary would be placed in your second position (your right downline position). If you were to then sponsor Andrew, he would be placed under Joe, filling Joe’s first, or left, downline position, since your only two direct connected positions are full.

Members that are forced under other members are called "spillover" members.

Again, although Free Members are placed in this structure, they can not earn from it until they have upgraded to one of the Professional levels.

IMPORTANT: Commissions are paid on a COMPRESSED 5 levels or rows. In other words, free members are skipped and not counted when 5 levels are calculated for commission payments. This means you have a potential of more than 4 million PAID members in your downline, regardless how many FREE members you have!!

As you can see, ZeekRewards offers its subscribers not only the world’s best Penny Auction service, but also an excellent way to earn as much as you want while using it!

So you’ve seen how you can get some killer deals and pay pennies on the dollar for name brand merchandise and gift cards, you’ve seen how you can earn 125% on every dollar that you spend on bids, and you’ve seen how you can earn on the 2 x 5 backend matrix.

Now to be able to get access to all of this and earn the 125% to 150% on your money, the company is asking you to do one tiny little thing every single day to be eligible for the daily revenue share.

In order for this company to compete with the "big boys" in their industry…it was necessary to start a MASSIVE advertising campaign that would cost the company thousands of dollars a day.  The company decided they would rather pay YOU, instead of Google, for placing those ads and driving traffic and customers to the site. 

Consider this, all of us (thousands and eventually millions of members) around the world, placing a minimum of one free ad per day. This gives the company massive adverting exposure and consequently massive traffic which translates into massive customers, massive energy, massive awareness, massive word of mouth and ultimately … massive profits which are then shared with all of us every single day.

The concept is called COLLECTIVE ADVERTISING & PROFIT SHARING.  I think this could be of the best kept secrets in business today.

If you simply take one ad that the company has already written for you, post it at one of the places they refer you to at no cost, then let them know where you posted the ad, they will share their profits with you daily.  There is a step-by-step video and audio showing you exactly how to do this.  It is VERY easy and should only take you a couple minutes to complete.

Your percentage of profit sharing is based upon the amount of bids you purchased until you receive 125% to 150 of what you paid for the bids. For example, if you bought $1000 in bids, you would get a share in profits daily until you receive $1250.00.

Once you place the ad, you just fill out a form on their site letting them know where you placed it…that’s it, you are done for the day.  If you have a website like mine, you can create a page on your site, and then just fill out that same form everyday and give them the url for that page everyday to qualify for the daily revenue share as well.  I will be sending them the url for this page you are reading right now everyday.

Again, this is super easy as they show you exactly where to place the ad and what to say in the ad.  These places are FREE to place ads so it will cost you NOTHING to do this.  It’s absolutely FREE.

They are just wanting help getting the word out, and now that you know all the details on how you get paid and where the HUGE profits come from to make all of this possible, I think you will gladly spend a couple minutes placing an ad for them.

Here’s a tip for the "ad placing challenged"

They have a three step ad placing checklist in the back office, which is easy to use and you can do that if you want to.  But some of you are "ad placing challenged" even with easy copy and paste steps.

Here’s an easier way to place your daily ad, if you don’t want to go to the classified sites they have in their step 2 every day:

Open a twitter account and tweet your url and a small blurb about it daily, then report your twitter url in the back office. You still have to do step 3 daily (reporting the ad), but tweeting may be less challenging than placing an ad at a classified ad site every day. Or same thing with Facebook. Or post in a forum. You get the idea. I hope! LOL

Ok, so by now you should have a pretty good idea of what this program is all about and how you can benefit from it.

Some of you might be thinking, what makes this different than all of the old surf programs that failed and why will it be a good bet to be here for the long term?

1) They are an established company that has been in the same location for 10 years. They have done the due diligence and learned from the mistakes of others.

2) The company was RETAIL ONLY for almost a year before the revenue sharing component ever existed.

3) The company still offers retail products and services, and offers no guarantee of income.  Retail is a huge portion of the revenue.

4) There is an industry wide accepted value of bids by companies in the penny auction industry.  These bids have verifiable value in the retail world just like any other legitimate penny auction company.  These are NOT ADPACKS which have questionable, if any, real value in the real world.

5) The bids can actually be used to acquire REAL products and services offered by brand name manufacturers, most of which are household names.

6) If there was no opportunity to get paid from referrals, the company could sustain itself from the profits from the auctions ALONE which they have proven to be successful for close to a year now.

7) Everyone is required to work to get paid.  Each person is required to place one ad per day and show proof they have done this in order to participate in the revenue sharing. (Takes about 3 minutes) This is crucial to keep things legal.  It is a perfectly acceptable practice to allow someone to participate in revenue sharing if they are helping to create revenue by advertising for the company.  This is called "Collective Advertising", it’s an ingenius concept.  Help spread the word and get a share of profits in return.

In my opinion this is the perfect way for the average person to have a fighting chance to generate a substantial ongoing cashflow. The active and aggressive person can quickly grow their income to six figures per month.

Again, you can sign up for FREE and work your way to $1,600 per month income in about 20 months (or sooner) if you follow my plan

If you are not convinced at how BIG this opportunity actually is, here is a real world experience from a Penny Auction Review Site Owner.

He states…

I was curious about how these auctions worked, so I signed up for a BBB Accredited Penny Auction site with a good reputation.  Apparently, Penny Auctions work by having people purchase “bid packages”. Usually you get anywhere from 100-500 bids in a bid package, and you use up these bids by bidding on an item you want. Everytime someone places a bid on an item, the price of the item goes up by one penny.

Taking a look through the items on the site I was investigating , I was surprised by how many of them were really expensive products (Sony TV’s, New iPhone’s, etc…) that were going for really cheap. What you do is place a Bid on the item you want and this increases the bid timer by 10 seconds. To win an item you have to be the last bidder when the timer hits 0.

So my strategy to win a penny auction for a new Apple Ipad 3G was to wait until the timer hit 20 seconds left, and then start placing my bids on it. I waited patiently while the timer counted down, and once it hit that 20 second mark, I started placing my bids. I placed about 15 bids before the timer finally hit zero and I won! I was beyond excited, because the price of the item was only $11.  That means, after spending 15 bids and having to purchase the new iPhone 4, I only had to spend a total of Under $25!

I knew then, that I was about to get addicted to Penny Auctions. This is the real deal, and blows eBay and other auction sites out of the water. I’m finally able to buy all the Christmas Gifts I want for a super low price!


Are you starting to get the BIG picture?

Ok, so here’s a quick schedule of your 3 minute work day.

Sign up for free, and follow my plan HERE or upgrade to Silver from day 1.

Buy some bids.

Login to ZeekRewards. Place your free ad for your credit for the day. THIS IS IMPORTANT!

Submit your ad through your ZeekRewards back office.

Keep compounding your daily award until you are where you want to be financially!

That’s it! You are done for the day.  So go to the gym, play golf, or go do whatever you like to do.

If you are ready to get started and start earning upto 150% on every dollar that you spend, follow the step-by-step directions below:

1.  Join Zeek Rewar

If you know you are going to upgrade, do it when you sign up and you will be rewarded extra bonus credits. If you upgrade after you join, you get the standard 100 bonus credits only. If you are passive, upgrade to Silver. If you are a leader, upgrade to Diamond (or Gold if you can’t afford Diamond).

Make sure you read these pages to fully understand the concept and rewards:

2. Log into your back office and place your ad and report it.  There is a large link at top of page after you log in…"ADVERTISING OPTIONS".  Do this DAILY.

You will start earning daily profit share interest on both your bonus credits (which will eventually turn into real cash) and your auction bids.  All members, free and upgraded, earn interest on their bonus credits.

3. OPTIONAL:  If you’d like to add funds to start earning more money with the daily profit share, you need to UPGRADE for a minimum of $10 per month (Silver) AND you need to BUY BIDS.  Your BID PURCHASE amount will be the amount you earn the profit share on.

You MUST buy these special compounding bids through your ZeekRewards backoffice under "Purchase Compounding Bids"…there is a link to this when you log into your back office after you sign up.  Bids bought directly from the auction site are not put into the compounder and do NOT earn daily rebates.

You will then earn a daily profit share on the amount of your bid purchase as well as on your bonus credits. You can then use the bids in the penny auction on your auction site and win quality name brand merchandise. Your bid purchase amount remains the same for the profit share, even if you use the bids at the auction, so have fun and win some great stuff!

4. Make sure you place an ad daily and report it. This is the "work" required to earn the daily profit share.

5. ZeekRewards gives away bid packages all the time!

6. DISCLAIMER: If you make a purchase from ZeekRewards you are purchasing a SUBSCRIPTION to our penny auction site or you are purchasing BIDS OR ADVERTISING. You are NOT purchasing stock or any other form of "investment" or equity. You MUST actually use the bids or advertising units that you purchase. Affiliates who present our products to others in a misleading manner or in a way that leads the buyer to believe he or she is making an investment or purchasing equities will be terminated and all commissions will be forfeited. Buyers MUST read the entire How It Works and Get Paid pages on the ZeekRewards website and the Legal Disclaimers.

Please note that daily rebate percentages will vary daily and we do not guarantee any specific amounts or results. I can’t promise that you will earn money with Zeek Rewards. I don’t know the owners of the company, and I am only basing my Zeek Rewards review on material that I have found on the internet. I am giving you this material so you can do your due-diligence too.